Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic the Military Museum Scotland will be closed until further notice. The West Lothian branch committee have made the decision to cancel all West Lothian Branch meetings until further notice in line with the Museum. When we think of the average age of our branch members it makes sense to do this. If anyone needs anything help, or assistance please don’t hesitate to contact me or the committee. UBIQUE

Welcome to the website of the West Lothian branch of the Royal Artillery Association. We are a new branch which was established officially on the 9th July 2015.

We are actively recruiting new members to make the Branch somewhere for comrades young and not so young, to get together and share a few sandbags and hopefully keep the Gunner family strong in our area.

We meet every month at the Military Museum Scotland which is located at the Legion Hall, Louis Braille Avenue, Wilkieston, West Lothian, EH27 8EJ

Service Leavers & Veterans

West Lothian RAA is committed to supporting gunners past and present as well as their families. We have created a page on this site that will signpost you to various support agencies should you feel that you may need assistance.  To find out what services are available click here

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