If you are a serving member or retired from the Royal Artillery then membership is automatic.  The same applies to spouses/partners.

To formalise the process you will need to complete an Application for Registration which basically lets the RAA know that you are an active member.

You can download the form from the link below.

Once completed you can hand it into the branch.  If you may have difficulties completing the registration form then don’t worry, someone from the branch will help you complete the form and sent off.

Membership for those who have not served in the Royal Artillery

You are welcome to apply for branch membership.  The process is the same as above.

Data Protection

The information provided will be passed on to the Royal Artillery Association at Larkhill for the purposes of registering you as a member.  Our Privacy Statement covers how we handle your personal information within the West Lothian Branch Royal Artillery Association, however, you should make yourself familiar with the RAA privacy policy as well.