Morton Fishing’s 30th May 2020

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Like thousands of other anglers up and down the country, members of our angling section respected the advice of the Scottish Government and the Sport’s governing body the Scottish Angling National Association in that all angling activities should cease during lock-down.

On the 28th May 2020, the First Minister announced phase 1 of the easing out of lock-down, which included the resumption of Angling subject to the fisheries compliance with physical distancing rules. Needless to say myself (Neil Feltham) and Ian Priestley decided to book a day session at Morton Fishing’s.

The weather was sunny and very hot and we knew straight away that it going to be a hard days fishing as the trout were going to be sitting at the bottom not really interested in feeding. We formulated our campaign with almost military precision, identifying possible feeding grounds on the margins of weed beds, ripple edges, points and deep waters.

We both started on dry flies to see if we could entice any fish that were laid up in the margins of the weed beds and after about half an hour I changed to a rabbit to see if I could annoy the trout enough take the fly but with no success. I know that Ian tried a couple of different flies as well with similar results. But despite the lack of activity we decided to try other locations.

By late afternoon we only managed to get something around the region of about 5 bites but no takes and on reflection we only saw a couple of fish rise throughout the day.

The evening was a bit more promising as the temperature came down, the water did feel a bit cooler and with that, the fish started to become more active and rise. Unfortunately for us, we only had half an hour left on our tickets so we put down as many casts as we could but is was just was not our day. Other anglers who were out on that day also reported the same inactivity, in fact, every single one of us blanked but we didn’t care. We were angling and we could see that acquaintances made from previous fishing trips were on the water, safe and well. That, in itself made it a good day despite the lack of fish.

So if the hot weather continues like today, I suspect that we will most certainly be angling in the evenings. Until then, tight lines!