Service Leavers & Veterans

West Lothian RAA are committed to supporting gunners past and present as well as their families. We have created a page on this site that will signpost you to various support agencies should you feel that you may need assistance. 

If you are in crisis and don’t know where to turn to we have created a list of services available who can help.

Applying for medals, Lost Medals and applying for your veterans badge?

It’s a sad fact but medals and badges do get lost but you can usually get a replacement veterans badge for free and you may be able to get  a replacement medal but it depends how it was lost however, you will have to pay a replacement fee.  To find out how to get replacements visit the UK Government Website – Apply for a veterans badge or a medal

Tracing your service records

West Lothian Branch RAA does not have direct access to your service records. You have to apply for these through the Army Personnel Centre in Glasgow. The Royal Artillery Association has produced a really good factsheet which you can download below.

You can also contact Veterans UK for more information or speak to a member of our branch.

Pension Advice

Do you need advice about your army pension? Then by contacting the Armed Forces Pension Society you are assured of receiving advice to help you get the best pension to which you are entitled.  There are many websites that can help and if you unsure then please contact  for more help.